RDA Illawarra is an independent organisation.  We are neutral brokers who advocate across all levels of government for the growth of the Illawarra's economy.

We take a long-term perspective and advocate strategically for the future greater good of the Illawarra region.  We value our people, culture and sustainable development.

We advocate either directly, when commercial or other sensitivities are involved, or publicly through submissions and direct advocacy.

Submissions are made on most matters of economic significance to the Illawarra region.  Our submissions are listed below.

Inter-regional Public Transport

The Southern Councils Group make a submission to the legislative assembly inquiry conducted by the State and Regional Development Committee. The submission looks into how inter-regional public transport can better serve the needs of regional NSW.

It provides comments on the following:

  • How CountryLink services can be improved
  • How network linkages between CountryLink train and coach services can be improved
  • The potential for CountryLink services to carry light freight
  • How CountryLink can be better utilised to increase tourism in NSW
  • How the amount of inter-regional travel undertaken by public transport can be increased
  • The extent to which regional public transport networks are integrated and how they can be better integrated
  • The role local councils can play in improving inter-regional public transportation networks
  • The type of buses and trains that will be required for the provision of regional passenger services in the future

Establishment of Special Economic Zones

RDA Illawarra worked with RDA Far South Coast, the Southern Council Group and its Economic Development Practitioners Committee, to prepare an initial submission to the Inquiry into the Establishment of Special Economic Zones.

RDA Illawarra recognised the importance of the digital economy as a key driver in the transformation of the region and believed significant economic impacts in Investment and Employment Growth can come from this sector.

Inquiry into the utilisation of Rail Corridors

Proposals for utilisation of rail corridors in the Illawarra region need to be considered in conjunction with infrastructure planning for road and rail transport.

The submission addresses a range of Terms of Reference:

  • Opportunities for mixed use property development
  • Income generation for future infrastructure projects
  • Facilitation of sustainable renewal and development
  • Facilitation of TOD schemes
  • Connectivity of communities either side of railway lines
  • Current planning and policy framework
  • Regulatory and policy barriers to implementing rail corridor projects
  • Issues relating to financing and funding rail corridor projects
  • Methods of assessing compatibility of projects with community
  • Examples of best practice from other jurisdictions

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