RDA Illawarra is an independent organisation.  We are neutral brokers who advocate across all levels of government for the growth of the Illawarra's economy.

We take a long-term perspective and advocate strategically for the future greater good of the Illawarra region.  We value our people, culture and sustainable development.

We advocate either directly, when commercial or other sensitivities are involved, or publicly through submissions and direct advocacy.

Submissions are made on most matters of economic significance to the Illawarra region.  Our submissions are listed below.

Planning Australia's 2022-23 Migration Program Submission

The Illawarra region is heavily reliant on migrants for its population growth, with over 80 per cent of Wollongong’s growth coming from overseas migration. It has made the largest contribution to population growth in the Illawarra for the past three years and is vital for the continued growth of the regional economy.

RDA Illawarra proposed maintenance of the migrant intake (~160,000 per annum) for 2022-23 in the region in its December 2021 submission to Australia’s Migration Program for 2022-23.  RDA Illawarra made eight recommendations to the Department of Home Affairs, including those that address policy settings, attraction of prospective migrants, greater transparency on skilled migrant requirements and more frequent and granular surveys of skill requirements in regions.  See our submission here.

NSW & ACT Prospectus

NSW & ACT Regional Development Australia (RDA) collaboratively developed a Prospectus working alongside RDA's across the state. This document highlights the economic, social, and environmental strengths and opportunities of the regions through the lens of the RDA network across NSW & ACT. A Network that is truly embedded in all parts of their communities.

The Prospectus will be updated annually, providing an evolving spotlight on the current economic strengths and opportunities of the regions and their future facing priorities. 

Picton Road Upgrade Submission

Picton Road Upgrade Submission

RDA Illawarra’s September 2021 submission outlines that Picton Road should be upgraded to a four lane, divided carriageway along its entire length from the M1 Princes Motorway (Mount Ousley Road) in the east to the M31 Hume Motorway (near Wilton). This is based on the need for better connectivity and safety as well as the deliverable economic benefits compared to the cost of further delay.

See our submission to Transport for NSW on the proposed Picton Road upgrades here.

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