RDA Illawarra will grow a strong and confident regional economy that harnesses competitive advantages, seizes on economic opportunities and attracts investment. 

Our Strategy has three pillars: Infrastructure, Industry and Integration.



See RDA Illawarra's FY21 Business Plan on a Page here.




    Enabling infrastructure to improve connectivity and unlock investment opportunities. Our economic assets include:

    • Proximity to Western Sydney
    • Future Western Sydney and Illawarra airports
    • Port of Port Kembla
    • Smart cities (ICT)
    • Road and rail corridors


    Supporting development and capability of industry growth sectors from our Regional Plan. Our economic assets include:

    • Shell Cove Marina
    • Wollongong Harbour
    • iAccelerate
    • Leaders in Health & Aged services and Advanced Manufacturing


    Leveraging a collaborative regional culture and working together on innovative solutions. Our economic assets include:

    • University of Wollongong
    • Highly skilled workforce
    • Leading health alliances