Skills Think Consulting is undertaking a national project for the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE).

Employers, you are being asked to contribute to research asking for your views on the benefits and challenges of engaging more over-55s in your business. Older workers bring more experience, diversity and productivity, helping you get the best mix for your workforce. A 5% lift in participation among mature aged workers will add an extra $48 billion extra to GDP.

You can have your say in two ways. Choose EITHER, or to be in the draw for five $200 Officeworks vouchers, participate in BOTH! 

Take a 2-minute, anonymous online poll HERE. We ask quick demographic info and five easy ‘on-a-scale’ questions. Survey closes 30 June 2021.

AND, if you have time,  please give more in-depth input by indicating your availability HERE for a 30-minute phone or video interview. Add your name, select three proposed timeslots, and then add your contact details. An interview guide with questions will be emailed to you beforehand, to help you gather your thoughts.

This research is commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment and examines:

- the capacity and willingness of businesses to employ older workers

- perceived barriers amongst businesses to employment of this cohort

- possible solutions to these barriers.

Thank you for your contribution to this important research. If you have any questions, please email the research team HERE.