Trish McClure

Trish is an experienced transport professional who has a vision for her regional community, understands infrastructure and service delivery and has a strong working knowledge of government, governance and strategy.

With over thirty years’ experience in the NSW public sector, and an educational background in Economics, Road Safety, Planning, Traffic Engineering and Consultation, Trish has a clear understanding of the important role transport plays in providing economic growth for our state. Her significant experience in research and policy development has allowed her to balance the delivery of big infrastructure projects with the needs of the community to create a safe and productive environment. In her current role, Trish is part of the team that will bring the 2022 UCI Road World Championships cycling event to Wollongong in September.

Trish has a passion for the community of the Illawarra and the Region and has been a member of a number of Regional Boards including Greenacres, Interchange Illawarra and The Shellharbour Business Board.  

Trish is the Traffic and Transport Manager, UCI 2022 Road World Championships.