RDA Illawarra presents the Illawarra Shoalhaven Smart Region Strategy.

RDA Illawarra sees broadband and ICT as strategic to the region’s diversification. They are key components of those industries in which the area has a competitive advantage and are well placed to shift the region’s reliance on the traditional steel and coal sectors.

RDA Illawarra recognises that the there is a huge growth potential for ICT within our region, and that this emerging sector is vital within the context of a carbon constrained economy.
The University of Wollongong (UOW) is an important player in the ICT sector, and we are proud to say that it currently produces half of all ICT graduates in NSW and one in seven graduates nationally. UOW also houses Australia’s largest, and one of the longest running, university based ICT research institutes, which is recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications by the NSW Government.

Another boon for ICT in the Illawarra is TAFE Illawarra, the region’s other main tertiary education institute. This institution is also providing quality training in the ICT field and is turning out a significant number of graduates each year.

Another jubilant moment for ICT in the Illawarra region was the selection of North Kiama/Minnamurra as the first release site for the National Broadband rollout. The remainder of the Illawarra is also being chosen as subsequent release sites, means there are a plethora of new and exciting opportunities for our wonderful region.

RDA Illawarra believes that high speed broadband has considerable capacity to contribute to economic growth, job creation and social inclusion in the region, which would lead us one step closer to achieving our vision for the Illawarra.

We believe high speed broadband will play a significant role in the the development of our region through:

  • Improve delivery of government services & programs
  • Better access to health services and Improved health outcomes for Illawarra residents
  • Improve access to educational resources and training
  • Reduce social isolation through better connectedness
  • Accelerate regional growth & employment opportunities
  • Improve business efficiencies, community cohesion & connectedness

Some of the current initiatives we are working on include:

Our Board Members, Daniel Rowan and Chris Quigley, co-chair the Sub-Committee on Broadband / ICT.