The NEW Realities of Selling -  How Most People Like To BUY Instead Of Being SOLD To.

Darren Wrigley

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In this seminar presentation, Darren Wrigley will explain his proven tips for increasing the conversion of your prospects to customers by getting them excited to BUY from you instead of being SOLD to....

For most small business and small to medium enterprises - this part of the business can be a challenge. 

As a small business sales coach specialist, Darren will cover several skill sets and processes that you can put into practice straight away to increase your conversions and profit without spending any more on marketing in line with how people like to buy

 It's either what you are saying or not saying in the sales process that is either contributing or detracting from your success in the promotion of your product/ service.

Make customer acquisition and selling a strength in your business by attending this intro seminar in August, I look forward to seeing you there!

Darren Wrigley LiveNOW Consultancy. 


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