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The Energy+Illawarra consortium is proud to release the final report for the Illawarra's  Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP) project (formerly known as the Energy Efficiency in the 3rd Age).


 EE3A final report



This project was previous known as Energy Efficiency in the 3rd Age (or EE3A). We have developed the new brand “Energy + Illawarra” as part of the marketing phase of the project and that we believe the community will more closely identify.


What is this project about?

This project aims to

  • improve energy efficiency of older householders whilst maintaining thermal comfort; and
  • make a positive difference in the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours relating to energy efficiency across the greater Illawarra
What’s different about this energy efficiency project?

It differs in three ways:

  1. It is tailored to the individual household. We are looking at the unique factors that influence energy efficiency in the home. We are especially interested in people who aged 60+ and who have limited income. We are using genuine ‘bottom-up’ engagement at the outset, rather than having ‘top-down’ strategies pre-ordered and imposed.  This approach aims to stimulate outcomes and solutions to barriers that go beyond saving money and energy, but considers a holistic approach to also being healthy and improving whole quality of life.
  2. We are collecting an unprecedented amount of information and data. Survey data, discussion group insights, in-depth householder interviews, individual building characteristics and detailed energy usage data is but a summary of the valuable information being collected and analysed to inform future policy around energy efficiency, aging and health.
  3. A higher level of investment in customised energy efficient upgrades to residences. Other energy efficiency programs focus on implementing a “one size fits all” solution with minimal
Project Funding:

The Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science is providing $2.3M under what was known as the Low Income Energy Efficiency Program or LIEEP. At least a further $1.2M is being provided by our partner organisations.

Barriers to Energy Efficiency that we hope to solve

We plan to trial solutions to help remove the barriers for lower income households to be more energy. Known barriers include:

  • Limited access to information on how behaviour can impact energy use
  • Lack of skills in the use of digital-based information tools where energy efficiency information is found
  • Financial inability to invest in new energy-saving technology
  • Perceived risk in cost of retrofits and their long term impact on energy costs
  • Unfamiliarity of a “new” down-sized home and how to minimise energy consumption in it
  • Vulnerability to heat and cold stress of older people
  • Misconceptions of which appliances use the most energy
  • Differing incentives between a landlord and a renter to invest in energy efficiency upgrades
Engaging the Community:

Energy + Illawarra now has its own website. It is designed to support energy efficiency in the home, particularly targeted for those in the community who are aged 60 and over. It features a range of activities that will help bust myths and misconceptions about energy use, provide facts and details of upcoming events associated with the project.

Do you know someone who may benefit from understanding the latest about energy efficiency? Give them a nudge towards the following link:

 For more information about the Energy Plus Illawarra project please contact Deborah Petkovic 02 4227 4500 or

Our partners:

This project is a team effort. Led by RDAI as the grant recipient, we have eight organisations that form a consortium of interest and who are also providing resources and insight to the project design. Our consortium includes University of Wollongong, IRT Group, Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution, Warrigal, Illawarra Forum, Southern Councils Group and WEA Illawarra.


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