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This Public Access to Information Guide is a requirement under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Who We Are

Our RDA Committee is part of a network of 55 Committees across Australia (14 in New South Wales) which were formed on 1 July 2009.

Regional Development Australia is a partnership between the Australian, state, territory and local governments to develop and strengthen the regional communities of Australia. It has a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Australia’s regions.

Membership of each Committee is by joint appointment of the Commonwealth and State Ministers for Regional Development. The Committee employs a Chief Executive Officer, an administrative assistant and a project officers.

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What We Do

Regional Development Australia, in consultation with the community, business, non profit organisations and all levels of government, will articulate local priorities, identify and align resources, engage stakeholders and promote solutions. In doing this, Regional Development Australia will support the growth and development of regional communities across the country.

Our roles and responsibilities are in the following areas:

  • Consultation and engagement with the community (members of the public should regularly check our website www.rdaillawarra.com.au to find out about any initiatives for consultation or engagement with the community)
  • Informed regional planning
  • Whole of government activities
  • Promotion of government programs
  • Community and economic development

Regional Development Australia will work with all sectors of the community, including women, young people, Indigenous Australians and people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

A key focus of Regional Development Australia will be on the economic, social and environmental issues affecting communities. Regional Development Australia will be an important contributor to and driver of:

  • Regional business growth plans and strategies, which will help support economic development, the creation of new jobs, skills development and business investment;
  • Environmental solutions, which will support ongoing sustainability and the management of climate change (including the impact of drought, flood or bushfires); and
  • Social inclusion strategies, which will bring together and support all members of the community.

Regional Development Australia will support, promote and disseminate information on government policy initiatives for the benefit of local communities. To this end, Regional Development Australia committees and Chairs will have a strong understanding of federal, state and local government policies and initiatives, and the ways in which local communities can engage with them. Regional Development Australia will take a leadership role in bringing together organisations to take advantage of government programs, policies and initiatives.

Regional Development Australia will be an effective conduit between governments and regional communities. It will enable all communities to provide input to governments about the strengths and weaknesses of regional Australia.

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How Our Activities Impact On the Public

In working for the development of the region, our Committee consults, collaborates and (from time to time) enters more formal partnerships with local government, agencies of the Commonwealth and New South Wales governments, industry, business, educational/training organisations, the community sector and individuals.

How The Public Can Access Information Held By Us

Our Committee’s policy is to be transparent and accessible. The public has a right to access most of the information held by our Committee, as long as it does not infringe privacy laws or other laws or may be detrimental to any person. In most cases we publish information on the website, if not in total, in summary or lists. If you would like to access information which is not available on the website, please contact our office on 02 4227 4500 or use our Contact Us section on our website and email your request through.

A formal application can be made for access to information, if the information can not be accessed any other way, but this should only be as a last resort. See the link below to download the Formal Access Application Form or alternatively contact the office on 02 4227 4500. Application forms should be sent to admin@rdaillawarra.com.au  or to:

RDA Illawarra
PO Box 1152
Wollongong NSW 2500

A $30 fee will apply.

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Information Held


Regional Plan

Internal Policy Documents

Code of Conduct and Ethics
Roles and Responsibilities
Constitution -  If you would like a copy of this document please contact the RDAI office
Funding contract with Commonwealth Government -  If you would like a copy of this document please contact the RDAI office
Funding contract with New South Wales Government -  If you would like a copy of this document please contact the RDAI office

Contracts Over $150,000

Contracts valued over $150,000 entered into by Regional Development Australia with a private sector provider are available on request. At present no such contracts exist.

Our Finances

RDA Illawarra is currently and jointly funded by the Federal and NSW State Governments.

Our Priorities

RDA Illawarra will primarily focus its activities over the next three to five years on economic growth and job creation. We will do this through the following six priorities and look for innovative initiatives that address these areas. These priorities have been developed largely from our research and our consultation process and are in alphabetical order:

Other areas that RDA Illawarra will remain abreast of, whilst recognising our limitations as a consultative organisation, are land use and planning and public transport (including the upgrade to the Princes Highway and the F6 Extension). We recognise that these areas are important to the Illawarra community and we will do our best in advising relevant government agencies of the region’s concerns and seek to have them addressed.

Our Contact Details

PO Box 1152
Wollongong NSW 2500
Ph: 61 4258 3610
Email. admin@rdaillawarra.com.au

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